The Monster Bark challenge: Can you save Bark the dog and his friends?

Bark the dog has been robbed by monsters in the new game Monster Bark. Monsters were always jealous about the great friends and sweet stuff Bark had, so they planned to steal it all from him in the middle of the night. Little do they know that Bark is the most courageous dog there is and he want all of his stuff back.

Help Bark regain all of his belongings and save his friends in the ultimate monster-maze puzzle adventure.

Monster Bark Screenshots

Quotes from the kids of Monster Bark

"Monster Bark is totally RAD!"
If I wasn’t playing basketball, hockey, baseball, and Water Polo after school everyday, I’d be playing Monster Bark. - Charlie

"It’s a bit scary, but lot’s of fun!"
I was scared at first because it had the word ‘Monster’ in it, but I have to say Monster Bark is more fun than scary. - Darcy

"It’s scientifically proven!"
The puzzles in this game are positively mind boggling. I find myself calculating less prime numbers and playing more Monster Bark than I anticipated. - Floyd

"Better than chocolate!"
I’ve played quite a few games (mostly MMOs) but no game have never kept me more entertained than Monster Bark. - Ed

"Bark Bark Bark!"
Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark Monster Bark. - Bark